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New project with maven2. Part 2 (wizard)


As was discussed in one previous post I have changed the script which became a wizard. This improvement makes the application generation process easier for the user. It also provided additionally functionality.

After answering on several questions and specifying a required type of application a project will be generated. Just run Eclipse IDE and import it into your workspace.

Let's look at the demo:

kobas-computer:~/Projects koba$ ./ 
Building new Maven project
Please define project name [default: yourProjectName] : testapp 
Project name will be 'testapp'
Please define goupId [default: com.kobyleha.testapp] : 
Please define artifactId [default: testapp] : 
1. maven-archetype-quickstart
2. maven-archetype-webapp
3. other
Please select archetypeArtifactId choice [1 - 3] : 1
maven-archetype-quickstart will be used

As the result you have the 'tesapp' folder. You could find the project model file (pom.xml) inside this folder. It will be like this one:


And again I have some ideas how to improve the current script:

  • Replace shell script with maven plugin
  • List of available archetypes that will generated in real time.
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